Gabriel Durant

The current Summer Knight, with a brutish exterior and complicated family ties.


Gabriel Durant was born to parents who made a fae bargain for the protection of their son. They never planned on more children, but Avignon came anyway. Although she enjoyed a happy childhood, their parents’ nebulous ties to the supernatural often caused her grief. Gabe frequently bailed her out of trouble and protected her while he enjoyed the protection of his parents’ bargain. “Stay Away From Her!” is what he’d often be found shouting at school as she was preyed upon by those bigger than her.

Gabe couldn’t always be there, though, and one night, a Red Court Vampire sunk its fangs into his sister just as Gabe arrived home. He made a quick bargain — his service to the Seelie in exchange for her life to be spared. As they say, The Road To Hell is paved with good intentions — and though he meant well, he possibly inflicted a worse fate upon his sister. Avignon Durant didn’t die, but was turned into a monstrous Red Court Vampire. Gabe still holds out hope that his little sister is alive somewhere inside though…she has to be.

Gabe, looking to leave his past behind him, moved to New York, where he was well situated to perform his new duties as the Summer Knight. His first mission was to stop the assassination of a changeling, targeted by the Winter Court. Gabe tracked him down to a hotel overlooking the changeling’s apartment, but was ambushed by a troll as he Blundered Into Trouble At The Queen’s Behest. Unexpectedly, some wizard took down the troll, and a reporter showed up to start asking questions, so everyone split.

That reporter — Riley Smith — turned out to be Gabe’s new neighbor. And Riley apparently had a run-in with the local mob boss, so Gabe offered to help out. With his new powers of Summer, it was an easy thing to burn down the local mob front to ensure they knew — leave Riley alone, or more “unfortunate” things would happen. After all, Fire Solves Everything.

Looking for his sister, rumored to be in town, Gabe started tracking down a coven of Red Court vampires. While tracking them, he came upon Simon Greyson carryign some tattered book. When Simon turned a corner into an alleyway, he was jumped by Alvar Nunez Cabeza and his thugs. Itching For A Fight, Gabe leaped in and, although they smoked several of the lackeys, Alvar escaped with the book Simon was carrying.

Gabriel Durant

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