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Chronicles of the Fallen

Or is it the Book of Dragon's Blood?

In the shocked silence that followed Blackstone’s illusion fading, the only noise was the sound of swift movement from the other end of the strip mall. Simon stiffened and spat out a single word, “Vampires”. The next few minutes are a blur, with Simon and Gabriel darting around the room, slamming vampires against the wall, decapitating them with pieces of the wall, and even tearing the metal door off it’s hinges to open a way of escape.

After the sole remaining vampire fled, Simon showed us a book he had found in the middle of the scuffle. I’m still not sure how he had time to stop and pick up a book in the middle of the fight. Anyways, by whatever means, he had found what he first thought was the book we are all looking for, The Chronicle of the Fallen. After leafing through it briefly, Simon tried to convince Gabriel and myself that the book was really some other book called The Book of Dragon’s Blood. But Gabriel even saw the page that matched the fragment Simon had from his previous exploits. Needless to say, there was quite a row concerning the book, with Gabriel and Simon deciding to go see if they can track down what is going on with the book while I tickle my contacts and see what I can turn up about the other book.

A short time later, I’m face-to-face with another vampire, although this time instead of trying to eat my face, he’s trying to get money off me to feed his meth addiction. A few bills later, I’ve got the information I need. It seems that Dorian Black has been charged with watching some sort of priceless item. These days, he’s spending all his time in Manhattan, at The Contour. A fairly new club, I’m able to get a little information from the Post’s lifestyle corespondent, Olivia Miller.

While I’m off pounding the pavement, Simon and Gabriel grab some pizza and seek the help of a little fae, Zimwhistle. He takes one look at the book and confirms what Gabriel and I already knew, it’s The Chronicle of the Fallen. Zimwhistle also lets Gabriel know that his Queen has a job for him to do downtown. Gabriel gives Simon the book for safekeeping, and heads off with Zimwhistle. Simon decides to take the book to his library contact and see if he can help him learn anything about it.

We meet back up and plan our next move. Simon lets us know that it turns out the two books, Book of Dragon’s Blood and Chronicles of the Fallen are a matched pair and unless you have both of them in front of you, regardless of which book you look at, you’ll only see the book you read first. Based on that, we decide to head to The Contour and see if we can’t pick the other book up from Dorian Black. We decide that I’ll go see if I can talk to Dorian, see if he’s got the book on him, while Simon noses around and takes a look around the back of the club.

Surprisingly, I’m able to talk my way past Dorian’s goons and start up an interview with Dorian, under the guise of reviewing the club. I don’t see the book around, but there is a nice wall of bladed and clubbed weapons, behind Dorian. While I’ve got Dorian talking, Simon wanders around the club for a while and finally finds his way into the back rooms. Finding what looks to be the manager’s office, he notes something odd about it and realizes it’s a decoy. He’s quickly able to find the book and works his way back to the main floor of the club and out into the street. I’m building my interview and decide to take a risk and slip in a question about the book. Dorian freezes and then leaps out of the VIP area and runs through the crowd toward the back of the club. As he flees, I take my opportunity and head out the front door.

Gabriel told us later that it was probably a good thing we got out when we did. When Dorian realized the book was gone, the club turned into a blood bath. Luckily, he was able to use the chaos to slip out without incident. Something tells me we probably didn’t make a friend tonight.


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