The world of The Dresden Files is one of magic, and mysteries mingled with the modern day to create an ever shifting tapestry of supernatural power structures that runs seamlessly behind the scenes of the mundane world of mortal struggles. As a player in this game you have seen the corners of the tapestry and while you may know who some of the power players are in the supernatural community you are not necessarily privy to their schemes and machinations. What you do know is that many of the truly powerful supernaturals care little for the well being of mortals and are often viewed as disposable. For whatever reason that just doesn’t sit right with you.

Setting: Modern Day, New York City

Themes and Threats

Wild Heart of the Urban Jungle – Theme
-Central Park, one of the most visited parks in the U.S., sits nestled deep within the glass and steel structures of the inner city. Many have come to fear the untamed wilds that is Central Park. Admonitions are well known of “bad things” coming to those who might chance the paths of the park, especially after dark. The supernatural reality is that the untamed wilds in the heart of the city help to maintain essential balance to keep the whole of the city from collapsing in on itself (look at Detroit). A number of supernatural beings from werewolves to fairies keep watch over the park, especially at night.

A Fortress Besieged – Threat
-The impressive Cathedral of St. Patrick in Midtown Manhattan stands as an iconic structure of the power and strength of the Catholic faith. More than a massive monument the building operates as a vault of relics both mundane and of significance. Unknown to many is the presence of five cursed denarii kept under lock and key. A tempting treasure, especially for a wayward Denarian looking to form his own cabal to challenge the likes of Nicodemus or Tessa. If only said Denarian could gain the confidence of some deeply religious organization that subsisted off crime, too bad there aren’t any types of deeply religious criminal organizations in New York.

Corrupting Power – Threat
-New York City is often seen as the economic and social hub of the known world. From the New York Stock Exchange to the United Nations the city is deeply embedded in the world’s politics. A man who runs the city might have considerable influence over world politics, and a man associated with a powerful supernatural family would have no reason not to aspire to such a lofty position as mayor of New York City. From that seat of power a man could do much to advance his own ulterior motives. In a day and age where former action movie stars and professional wrestlers can hold public office how hard could it truly be to gain the people’s confidence?

Coins & Cures

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